A Detailed Breakdown Of Wise Bed Cover Plans

All business owners pay a small tax, which is used to provide micro-credit loans for inmates opening a new venture. Successful start-ups are also registered with Uruguayan tax authorities, and Luis Parodi's latest initiative enables prisoners to open bank accounts from inside. Guards who feel like sisters Another of Mr Parodi's unconventional ideas was to create a security force comprised almost entirely of unarmed female guards. Image copyright Frederick Bernas Image caption Female guards patrol the prison but do not carry guns "At first I was scared, but not for long," said Ines Marcos, who has been working at Punta de Rieles for three-and-a-half years. "I wouldn't say we're like their mothers, but we give the right advice, like a guide or a sister who helps them out." Sport and cultural activities are offered to complement education programmes. Image copyright Frederick Bernas Image caption Inmates are encouraged to play sports Image copyright Frederick Bernas Image caption Others have taken up boxing A colourful music studio in the main cell block rumbles with noise at all hours of the day as bands practise. "Instead of staying inside, cutting your arms or building up rage against the police, we do something positive," said Santiago Garrido, 28, who plays in a rock group and teaches guitar to fellow inmates. Image copyright Frederick Bernas Image caption The inmates say playing music helps them turn their thoughts away from other things "It's a way of channelling our energy. If we didn't do this, our heads would be thinking about other stuff," he added. "The need to save ourselves is fundamental." Garrido's group is currently working on an album that will be recorded at a studio outside the prison.

Natasha Birley, Head Interior Designer at Homewings 3. Indulge in a feature wall Make the wall behind the bed a feature wall. I love to tile this wall or if tiles are not within budget, you can always get a similar effect wallpaper. There are some really cool wallpapers out there and some can now even be cleaned. My favourite at the moment is the scales wallpaper from Rockett St George . Kirsty Whitfield, interior designer 4. Colour is key I always choose a softer colour for the bedroom, for example, Sage Green is a favourite of mine as is Farrow & Ball Mizzle No.266. I like to offset the woodwork in a different colour to make it stand out a bit and differ to plain white. Kirsty Whitfield, interior designer More 5. Carefully plan bedside tables and lighting To make your bedroom work harder for you, it is crucial your bedside tables suit the height of your mattress.

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