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In response to the increasing global popularity of natural and organic skin care products NAYELLE developed a breakthrough anti aging skin care approach that merges modern scientific discoveries. West Vancouver, Canada February 15, 2017 /PressCable/ NAYELLE probiotic skin care products enters the market with breakthrough skin care approached merging modern scientific discoveries and traditional holistic principles. In response to the global trends toward natural and organic products, and growing skepticism of mainstream cosmetic ingredients NAYELLEs Chief Biochemist formulated a ครีมลดริ้วรอย concentrated anti aging natural skin care products line utilizing modern day scientific discoveries. The mind behind NAYELLE Probiotic Skin care, Peter Jurkemik, is educated with Honors, a Master of Science in Biochemistry coupled with integrated studies in Holistic Nutrition. Jurkemik explains NAYELLEs skincares formula is composed of 100% active ingredients, vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, essential fatty 3-6-9 acids and a potent blend of 60+ minerals that promote collagen and elastin. It is 100% chemical free, cruelty free and uses no fillers, and no parabens. Ingredients include well researched bio-active natural and organic components such as Eco-Certified Snow Mushroom, Sea Kelp, Fermented Goat Milk Keffir, Bamboo, Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Jojoba Oil and Marine Glacial Clay. Each ingredient is selected for its healing properties and specifically blended into each product. NAYELLEs launch features 4 primary natural skincare products: PURIFY marine clay face mask All Nayelle Probiotic Skincare products are sourced, produced & manufactured in Canada and sold on Amazon.com Regarding the upcoming launch the CEO of NAYELLE Probiotic Skincare commented Behind the scenes, Nayelle been busy developing next contribution to the world of skincare products from Probiotic facial moisturizers to organic marine glacial mud masks. Nayelle strive to provide great products that come from quality ingredients and age tested wisdom of ancestors combined with new scientific discoveries. NAYELLE Probiotic Skincare line is set to launch officially on this Friday, February 16, 2017.

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And although they said they were policemen, they were not wearing uniform. I wasn't convinced at first, but then they mentioned the name of the police chief from this area. We even asked them to describe the police chief, and they did. In fact, they showed us guns and even identity cards. But of course we could not know whether they were genuine or not. Image copyright AFP Image caption Without the protective pigment melanin in their skin, people with albinism are vulnerable to skin cancer and sight problems That is when my husband and I, and some of the neighbours agreed to go with them to the police unit. When we got there, the police post was locked. The five who claimed to be police officers called three other people from a nearby bar. And they now tried to force my husband and me to go to a station further from our area. It was very strange because they sent away anyone else that was curious and wanted to stop by.

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