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CAIR is working with lawyers and other civil rights organizations to help people who have been detained in airports or stranded overseas as a result of the ban. But Katebi was working to bridge the gap between America and the Middle East long before CAIR hired her. In her hometown, people were always looking to her to speak on behalf of all Middle Easternerson everything from the history of Islam to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Their questions compelled her to study up on Muslim history and culture so she could push back against her peers' misguided views. Continuing discrimination led her to develop a "don't give a shit attitude" that later gave way to a healthier outlet for her frustrations. Recognizing the power of the hijab to dictate how people viewed her, Katebi became interested in the use of clothing as a political statement. So, the summer after her freshman year at the University of Chicago, she launched a fashion blog, calling it JooJoo Azad ("Free Bird" in Farsi). "Fashion is inherently and deeply political," Katebi writes, and not many Americans understand just how complex and diverse fashion for Muslim women can be. She told me she wanted to "yell in a productive way" and tackle the nexus of clothing, Islam, and feminisma topic she now lectures on. From Tehran Streetstyle Hoda Katebi For her undergraduate thesis, Katebi chose Iran's underground fashion scene, and she traveled to Tehran during the summer of 2015 to research the topic.

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