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Capture of the entire east bank, which military officials say is imminent, will allow the army, special forces and elite police units to begin attacks on the city's west, still fully held by Islamic State. A military statement said Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) forces had pushed into the Eastern Nineveh and Souq al-Ghanam districts, which are flanked by areas held by Iraqi troops. A second statement said the CTS had also seized al-Muhandiseen district, nearly 3 miles further northwest, which lies a short distance from the river. CTS spokesman Sabah al-Numan told state television that more than 60 neighborhoods in eastern Mosul - out of a total of around 80 - had been recaptured since the start of the offensive in October. Advances have gathered pace in the new year thanks to improved battle tactics and better coordination between different military branches, U.S. and Iraqi military officials say. Further south, elite rapid response units of the Iraqi federal police have secured much of the eastern bank of the Tigris. A spokesman for the rapid response forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Abdel Amir al-Mohammedawi, said some Islamic State fighters had fled by boat across the river during the military's recent advances, taking civilians as human shields so forces could not fire at them. "They fled the eastern bank for the west, and took women and children," he told Reuters. Islamic State has fought from among crowded residential areas and Reuters witnesses have seen its fighters shoot at civilians in areas they have been driven out of, in apparent efforts to slow the advance of Iraqi forces. Several thousand civilians have been killed or wounded in fighting since October.

"In our industry, so much food goes to waste and so much energy is spent talking about the homeless and hungry at these charity events, yet, at the end of the event, we throw out a bunch of food or we only serve the most prime cut to our well-established guests." Brined beets, brined green tomatoes and other preserved ingredients in the walk-in at FT33. Nathan Hunsinger/Staff Photographer The waste-not philosophy in professional kitchens is by no means new. Using every part of an animal, and saving vegetable scraps to boost stocks and such has long been a necessary tool for chefs in keeping down food costs and maximizing flavor. And pickling and fermenting have been trendy since Rene Redzepi's Noma made a splash in Copenhagen some years ago. McCallister has been doing it for years, but lately he's taking zealous devotion to itto an extreme. Don't throw away those apple peels when they can become a vinegar. He's even making a vinegar from the needles that fell from his Christmas tree. (It's not the first time he's eaten the tannenbaum .) Comical, perhaps. But so much hot-air lip service to sustainability has been spouted by so many chefs for years that it's refreshing to see one who adheres to it with such devotion and purposeful determination. The new four-course menu Until very recently, FT33's menu was a la carte, offering individually priced "beginning," "middle" and "end," along with a couple of tasting menus, depending on the night of the week. Now there are four courses, with four dishes offered in each, anduniform pricing in each: "to start" ($15); "beginning" ($19); "middle" ($38) and "end" ($12). Thesecan be ordered a la carte, but McCallister is hoping diners will instead choose the four-course fixed-price menu offered at $65, which is $19 less than ordering all four a la carte, and $4 less than ordering a beginning, middle and end. An additional $45 per person adds a beverage pairing, and $155 buys you a tasting of the entire menu all 16 dishes. New 'selection of snacks' McCallister has done away with the charcuterie board and elaborate "vegetable composition" (a sort of vegetable tasting board), replacing them with a"selection of snacks." Listed at the top of the menu for $15 per person, it consists of seven or eight small bites the chefs select from a roster of about 15 at any given time, to be ordered either at the bar, or at a table in advance of the four-course menu.

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