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Its culture, traditions and customs are unique to its geographical setting as a landlocked country. Its largest islands are Sumatra, Celebes, Java, Halmahera and cram. With its rich history and cultural heritage, England is a popular travel destination for people all over the world. Then there's a series of funfairs that you can be a part of, including the largest period carnival that takes place at Peterhof. Until then, it was Phuket that was hogging the limelight among all of Thailand's islands. Concurs de Castell festival, or as it is popularly known as the Human Pyramid Festival, is held biannually in the city of tarragon, Spain. Many Thai people have nicknames in addition to their formal Chinese/Sanskrit-derived and often long, complicated given names. Mexico: Mexico has a lot to offer for families, including delicious food and drinks with a lot of cultural activities with dance and song. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Other countries of the world are also, some way or the other, involved in the trafficking network either by acting as origin of trafficking or as transit points.

Barcelona Best for: Food and art Why 2017: Well with all of the fantastic world-wide events happening in this colorful Spanish city it has become a top tourist destination in recent history! Hit List: Get drunk and full off of fresh tapas and delicious sangria. Relax on many of the pristine and lush beaches! Check out the free Magic Fountains of Montjuic and get ready to eat your heart out at all of the diverse eye candy that the country offers. Cambodia Best for:breathtaking spiritual sites Why 2017:Cambodia is amazing, rich and honestly a crown jewel within the South East Asian area. Not only is it super budget friendly (come forth backpackers) but the unforgettable Angkor Wat temple complex located within Siem Reap is simply amazing. Hit List:Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap, frolic in the Caribbean blue beaches down at Sihanoukville and catch some night life in the capital of Phnom Phen. Denver, Colorado Best for: Get Your Hash On Why 2017: After Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, people have been flocking to this world- renowned city for both the slopes and the smokes. Hit List: Not only should you join one of the many cannabis tours and chill at a 420-friendly hotel but get ready to tuck intoDenvers booming brewery and food scene. Taipei, Taiwan Why 2017: Often overlooked outside of the South East Asian loop of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, Taipe is great for those looking for a bit more tech and chic within their journey.

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